Garden Birds

Having been in my new house in Ireland for nearly 6 months I thought I’d report on the birds in and around my garden and also share some of the pictures I’ve taken of them. Since I put up some bird feeders a couple of weeks ago the numbers of birds in the garden has increased dramatically, back in Essex Greenfinches were getting harder and harder to come by but I now have loads of them fighting over the feeders along with Great Tits, Sparrows and the very territorial Robin which is really good to see. I’ve had plenty of surprises including Raven, Siskin, Goldcrest and Peregrine and still need to get pictures of all of them! But here is the full list so far.


1. Blackbird
2. Blue Tit
3. Bullfinch
4. Buzzard
5. Carrion Crow
6. Coal Tit
7. Dunnock
8. Goldcrest
9. Goldfinch
10. Great Tit
11. Greenfinch
12. Hooded Crow
13. House Sparrow
14. Kestrel
15. Lesser-black Backed Gull
16. Long-tailed Tit
17. Magpie
18. Mallard
19. Meadow Pipit
20. Mistle Thrush
21. Peregrine
22. Pied Wagtail
23. Raven
24. Redwing
25. Robin
26. Rook
27. Siskin
28. Song Thrush
29. Sparrowhawk
30. Starling
31. Wood Pigeon